Who do i look like today? distant relative?... day 7 post op

Im pretty sure that this statue from Easter Island is my relative, second or third cousins??  I saw the resemblance right away.  My lips are much fuller, but aside from that, Im feeling connected.. My face feels just like the stone carving of my long lost family tree. He could use some accessories.. a fashion makeover. We look so much alike it scary!!

 Seriously though, the swelling seems to be going down now, the puffiness is less, the squish factor is not so squishy. I sat outside for a minute today, That felt delicious.. The drugs are keeping me loopy round the clock.  The jaw bra brings relief with the cold temps, but its getting old. It is heavier and heavier to haul it around. I feel like a basset hound when Im all strapped up. My jowls hang to the floor, or so it seems.  I can't stress enough how important it is to have a good team of friends helping  to manage this process. Iv'e been blessed beyond my wildest imagination.  Day 7 has been the beginning of better days ahead.

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