Gratitude for my San Diego team of Docs.. Day 34 Post OP

At 1 month and nearly 1 week post Op.. I reflected today with John about my journey so far, and how I got to this place. I describe it in the first few postings on this blog, but for today, I need to offer sincere gratitude to the Dr.'s and friends in San Diego who were key players. Dr. Al Lin is a client of John and one of San Diego's finest oral surgeons.  I had been suffering from a locked jaw, and TMJ along with migraines and other health issues. I was familiar with my options, I had consulted in the past and was told that jaw surgery was needed. I never fully trusted that it was worth it or necessary.  With my chronic jaw issues, I decided to go to a friend, someone who would give me a strait up answer no strings attached. That's really how it all started. Dr. Lin, was very clear that this surgery would be a great benefit for my future going forward. He assured me that my symptoms would continue to deteriorate and I was looking at permanent jaw joint damage that would be very difficult if not impossible to fix. He offered to do the surgery at a discount, and our orthopedic friends offered up their surgical center. These offers came at a time when insurance would not cover this very costly surgery. The combination of their offers made me reconsider, and I was put in braces by months end. Fast forward, I am in San Diego at my pre- surgical appointment making surgical molds, and getting the fine tuning measurements and such ready to go for surgery in 2 weeks. It all started unraveling after that, Dr. Lin wanted a blood donation incase he needed to transfuse. The Docs at the surgical center had growing concerns about the safety of their center. They do knees, hips, shoulders but not jaws and certainly not upper and lower jaws. In a final review of my case, they decided it was not safe and shut down the option. Imagine me, in SLC in braces with a bite so off I couldn't chew, no surgical center, no surgery date big stress. When im in crisis like that, something bigger kicks in and I was determined to put it all back together. In my obsessive attempts to figure it all out, I learned that my insurance DID cover this surgery with pre-authorization, and found the best surgeon by the end of the week. I had a surgery date re-scheduled in 4 weeks. So considering that the wall came tumbling down, they were rebuilt and rescheduled with only a 4 week delay. Insurance agreed that they should cover my surgery, I was able to recover at home instead of in San Diego. I would have never made it to this kind of miraculous outcome without Dr. Lin in March of 2010 telling me that this would be for the best. Dr.'s Brad Cohen and Jim Breid are also superstars in my story because with the "idea" that we would save a chunk of change using their surgery center, set the stage for what I thought was the "Best Case Scenario" come to find out, my best case was to get even better. Instead of a 30,000.00 bill, Insurance ended up covering it all. I would have never ever had the braces put on and started the journey without those 3 heros. Even though Dr. Lin ended up not doing the surgery, I would have never had it without him. So it is with deepest gratitude and honoring that I remind and re-cap the great value these men added. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! 

As for today... no change, face is still feeling partially paralyzed, over all discomfort, but miles ahead of where I was 3 weeks ago. It is now a silent disability.  It will improve, but Im on the slow boat. Good thing time flies by..  signing off  day 34.

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