Finding Hope Day 25 Post Op

I "HOPE" you will all take time to listen to the video song version of "There's Hope" in the previous post. Its my theme for today. I cant say that alot has changed, I kind of feel as though im on the slow boat to recovery at this point. The things that encourage me are, simple. I picked my kids up from school today. Im wearing makeup again and accessorizing. My tongue is clean since i discovered the orabrush. I'm awake more than I'm asleep. I am cooking dinner, doing mild house work. I can feel my lips. Smiling hurts but look at my big smile! My bed tray is now a small little box. I am totally supported and loved. I can't ask for more. There's to all, sending encouragement and support wherever you may be along your journey. 

Best of all is I went from THIS too...............

This.....THERE'S HOPE!!!


  1. Tresa, I am curious to know what store and section of the store you found the zoopals kids cutlery in? I have been looking for them, but haven't figured out if they'd be with kids stuff or in the plastic silverware aisle, and I couldn't find them at Walmart or Target!

  2. Dani,

    I got them at whole foods. It was a while ago. I wonder if you could google stores that carry them. I think ive seen them in local grocery stores in the regular picnic isle. They also have matching plates shaped like zoo animals. Ill look around and get back to you!!