Exactly a week... post op..

This gel eye patch is a dream for chillin down the grill.  I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond for $5.00.  Wearing it upside down leaves a groove for the nose.. 

Good ole Jaw Bra.. You can see that I am still puffy and squishy.

I finally managed to open my cement lips wide enough to sneak a peek at the fine Dr.'s handy work.
The orthodontist will still need to do some fine tuning, but WOW!! I am in shock seeing my teeth touch and in line with my midface. ( mid-face still looks like the stay puff marshmallow)

Aww puffy little lips... Kisses......


  1. I've been following your blog through your recovery. I'm having surgery May 10, and just want to let you know how helpful your blog has been to me. I really appreciate your advice and tips, and I'm so glad to hear that you have turned the corner after your hellish days 4/5.

    Have you been able to breathe through your nose? That's been one of my main concerns--having to struggle to mouth-breathe through banded jaws.

    Continue to hang in there and let your body heal itself...and know that you are helping a lot of jittery, pre-surgery patients!

  2. THank you for your comments. I was concerned about breathing as well. The Lefort 1 process causes a slight disturbance to the sinus. The hospital should give you deep sea sanline drops that you use every 2 hours, if not you may want to consider having that on hand ahead of time. I bought nuribiotic nasal spray. Breathing through the nose works for the most part. I used a baby bulb syringe used to clean out a congested baby, and also used q-tips to swab out the nose, The best thing you can do for yourself at home is invest in a good humidifier I added several drops of essential oil, (pepermint and orange) drops. to the water and had it running around the clock. You can also use pepermint oil diluted with a carrier such as jo joba oil on your chest. There were only a couple of times that I found myself breathing through my mouth, and it wasn't so bad... It also helps to use tons of pillows and prop yourself up both for relaxing and sleeping. Good luck to you, it will be over before you know it and i promise you will survive. Days 4/5 are hard but as i am able to sneek a peek at my teeth, i am overjoyed to know that everything is aligned and yes it is all worth it... sending you prayers of courage and quick healing.

  3. Wow! Thanks for the pics! Your new bite is AMAZING! I'm so envious! (In a good way :-)) I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you are turning the corner, so to speak. It IS worth it in the end. Happy Healing!

  4. Thanks Cece, Can't imagine every doing this again.. My big concern is the numbness in lips chin cheeks and half of my tounge. Please tell me that most of that comes back over time?? its way painful..

  5. As you know, every body is different. But generally speaking, most of the feeling should come back within the first month or so. I have some permanent numbness from the right side of chin to the right side of my lower lip. I can hardly feel anything. I'm careful when I brush my teeth/eat/drink, etc., because I will end up having stuff on my lip and chin and not even know it. Over the course of time, I've just learned to deal with it. The inside of my mouth is normal.

  6. Hi Tresa,
    I love your blog! My daughter had a Lefort I surgery on May 12th. We have been reading your blog religiously. Especially since you are 2 weeks ahead of her. I just sent one of your pictures to our ortho. We noticed that your brackets are clear! My daughter has the big metal surgical brackets. They're so ugly and she's freaking out that she will have to go back to college with them! Did you not have to have the surgical brackets???

  7. Michelle,
    Thank you!! I hope your daughter is recovery is going well. I chose the clear porcelain brackets in the very beginning of my orthodontic treatment. At surgery time, he individually wrapped each bracket in wire and added the hooks on certain teeth. At my first 6 week appointment, he then removed the surgical hooks and we went back to the normal chain and ties that I used all along. I think I've seen the heavy metal brackets and hooks. Im sure they are great for the surgeon, but very noticeable. The jaw is still sensitive at the 8 week mark so I don't know how aggressive it would be to remove brackets and replace them, but if its safe and can be done, I totally understand her wanting to do something more discreet. I don't think all orthodontists are using the clear brackets, they are more difficult for them to work with because they are porcelain (the ties will break when putting them on) but my surgeon had no problem performing my surgery with them. I also had lower jaw reduced as well. Best of luck. This is such a long and difficult journey, but every week that goes by promises one step closer to the day that the perfect bite is a forever companion. Sending her big hugs as she goes back to college, hopefully her braces clear or not will come off sooner rather than later and she will have that beautiful smile.