Day 8 post op Heaven is made of mashed potatoes and oatmel..

I had an appointment today with my oral surgeon,  he mentioned that he would be taking off rubber bands. This stirred up anxiety. Will it hurt? will my bottom jaw fall on the ground? Having my mouth forced closed provides a bit of a security blanket feeling. Once the bands came off he had me move my bottom jaw up and down. I was shocked that it worked.  He demonstrated how to put on and take off bands. Im authorized to have them off for 30 min. intervals, during that time i can eat mushy food. And the real dream is that I can swallow pills now. My stomach began to feel like a toxic waste dump being filled every 2 hours with nasty tasting green, orange, and purple narcotics. I have not done well with liquid meds. Oh how we take for granted the ability to simply swallow a pill..
My first mushy smooshie  meal, Oatmeal and bananas from Jamba..

My face is numb and so my first pass at the mouth with oatmeal found its way all over my nose.  Until feeling returns, it helps to eat in front of a mirror.. spoons??? Nooo to big to fit in small opening, solution.. zoo pals plastic knife. It is like a spackling spatula!!

I may need an adult bib.. With no feeling yet on the lips, i left chunks of oatmeal on the mouth. It's like starting over.. how to brush teeth, eat food, speak....

I have had an excruciating pain that pulses from my nose to chin and the width of my mouth and half of my tongue . It feels like fire piercing, pins and needles, tightly stretched.. He said that it is the nerves firing trying to wake up. The pain meds, barely take the edge off. I hope this is a good sign and the feeling to my face will return. Im still using the jaw bra for comfort. It feels really nice to cool off the face when it feels like and inferno..

Tonight's dinner.. Mashed potatoes with olive oil and salt and organic carrots. I had a tear in my eye when i realized I could actually EAT this cute little plate full of heaven. 

Down the hatch..Nothing has ever tasted so delightful. Still cant chew but soft foods are easy to swallow.

Remember that the opening to the mouth is still less than a finger width, so eating is a slow process you have to put a thin layer on the knife or it wont fit in..

zoo pals cutlery will be your new best friend. I used the knife.. If you turn these around the handle is nice and fat and will hold a perfect bite  size of smooshed food. It's also thin so you can slide it right in. 

BONUS!!! I WAS ACTUALLY ABLE TO LICK MY LIPS!! my poor tongue had been held hostage behind the wired shut teeth. It's the simple things that bring the greatest pleasure..

See how the potatoes fit nicely on the handle end of the knife. A day to celebrate!! 

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