Before and After profile Pix.... Day 20 Post OP

Day 20....Still some swelling around my eyes, cheeks and nose. My nose seems a little skeewampus. I hope that it is due to swelling. I can feel the altar stitch that was put in to help maintain the original shape of my nose, but ya never know.  I still have a really swollen gland on the left side, it really hurts, and radiates down my neck.  As you can see, smiling has gotten a little easier. My lips and chin feel like they might be coming alive again. I am totally numb with no feeling at all under my eyelids and surrounding cheeks.  I had a burst of energy today. With so many lovely friends bringing by dinners, and several shoppers coming and going, the refrigerator was starting to look a bit like a science experiment. I gutted the refrigerator, organized, sorted, and cleaned. Ahhh feels so good. I also felt more of an appetite today, this is a good sign. I really wanted mashed potatoes. They tasted great! Cream of wheat for breakfast, not so good..

Remember this "Before" photo. Notice how my jaw is forward, class 3 malocclusion. and also notice how the upper lip is flat.
AFTER!!  Strange for me to get used to. I think it will be a great improvement. 
And remember this "Before" shot. another great example of the underbite.
At the end of day 20, I have to admit that things improve ever so slowly. I've been ordered to wear rubber bands to keep my mouth totally closed. It acts as a splint to hold the new bite together securely. It is quite painful achey really to have the bands pulling so hard on the teeth. It makes speaking difficult as well. I'm allowed to remove them to eat 3 times a day for an hour.  My sleeping is better, but I wake up in the morning with a very heavy feeling in my head, I think the swelling and pressure increase during the night, so waking up is a little bit uncomfortable.  I see my surgeon tuesday. Anxious to see what comes next. Tomorrow marks my 3rd week. WOW!! Every now and again I wonder why I have put myself through this hell, but then again, I know that my life going forward will be improved. To be able to chew food like normal humans will be a gift I will never take for granted! What will tomorrow bring?


  1. goodness! You look stunning!!! Every bit of your face is in total balance and you are gorgeous!! You probably have women all over Utah rolling their eyes with envy. LOL! I am so happy for you...I want a normal bite so bad I can taste it. I'm inspired by how patient and graceful you've been throughout this whole thing. Just hang in there...your recovery period will be over before you know it.

    P.S. Your children are beautiful!

  2. Cece, you are so kind, thank you for the generous compliments! I do have a tiny concern, my back molars dont totally touch, I pray and pray that my ortho can fix this. I am also developing spaces between my teeth which is normal. I think of you and feel so bad that you have to go through this again what exactly is the reason? I will pray for you. My surgeon said my ortho could fix it but I worry....

  3. Hi Tresa! I agree with Cece! Your posts really have inspired me to out on my big girl pants and get through this mentally intact. Keep blogging girl! And you were beautiful before but now even more so without the distraction on an underbite. You're daughters probably think they have the prettiest mom in the world. :)