Am I a rule breaker or a Rule Maker 1 month 1 week Post Op

Im a rule breaker. Perhaps a non-conformist.  John prefers to call me a rule breaker. Please understand that I don't break the law, I'm not a criminal. I sneak cameras into places like The U.S. Open, British open, sneak video at concerts and sporting events. I snuck into the press box during the 2000 olympics to watch the women's final figure skate (I didn't get caught). I don't follow the rules for writing, I just say it the way it processes in my brain, (not much regard for the proper ). So you get my drift. I have been very good about following the rules as they pertain to my jaw surgery. I figure if I get to crazy I could mess up the whole situation. I did have my relapse on Sunday where I left the bands off for longer than I should have, quit taking pain meds sooner than I was told,  and today I booked the orthodontist 5 days earlier than my 6 week mark. There was a conflict to nail it down right at 6 weeks, I would have had to wait until my 7th week. NOT AN OPTION. So tomorrow I will go 5 days early and god willing, get these metal hooks and wires removed. I feel like it's Christmas Eve. the excitement is building. I am so anxious to hear him tell me that everything looks great and he will be able to tweak the teeth that are slightly off. I don't think I'm breaking a big rule, but had to make an executive decision. 

My best news came today when the surgeon told me that I only have to bind my mouth shut with rubber bands for 2 hours a day and then again at night. WASUP!!  Can I just say that I feel liberated and free. It's like going from solitary confinement to a regular cell with outside privileges and a job. The full release from jail comes when the braces are gone, and I can eat the Thick "Lauries buffalo gourmet" tortilla chips. He told me to "Talk and scream" as much as I want. I sang out loud in my car the whole way home. Such a good thing I was alone, ohh trouble. My numbness prevents me from properly forming all words gracefully, and I never had a voice worthy of an audience, but to have that moment all to myself was freaking awesome!! I sang Meredith Brooks "Bitch" my favorite song which names all of the archetypes that I resonate with!! YaY... 

I'll be strait up honest here. Im not loving the profile. I have lost 11 pounds since surgery and not putting it back on. I think the weight loss is making my profile look a little sunken. My cheek bones are much more profound. Looking at myself strait on is great, but every time I see a side shot I'm not crazy about it. Im sure that Im being silly and just need to adapt. Seriously there are bigger things to worry about. I've never loved looking at profile pictures of myself ever so there you go....

After today, this bite will shift and change. I am hoping to ditch the metal surgical hooks and get back to the regular ties that hold on the arch wire. The inside of my mouth feels like a battle ground. So raw and sore. Cheeks snagging poky wires. The porcelain brackets are sharp when there aren't the regular ties to soften up the edges. Wax has been a hassle. It gets stuck and pops out with the water pick clogging the drain.(k so a bit of an exaggeration but still...)  I have also swallowed several trays worth. So I hope that my post tomorrow boasts the same jubilee I feel at this moment. 

And a poem to honor the rule breaker in me. (or am I a rule maker?)

Birds are flyin' south for winter.
Here's the Weird-Bird headin' north,
Wings a-flappin', beak a-chatterin',
Cold head bobbin' back 'n' forth.
He says, "It's not that I like ice
Or freezin' winds and snowy ground.
It's just sometimes it's kind of nice
To be the only bird in town."
~Shel Silverstein~

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  1. Ha ha ha ha! Very funny! I think your rule breaking is quite mild and I certainly don't blame ya for making an early ortho appointment. I also have been taking my rubberbands off more than I should by my ortho told me today that he can tell I am wearing them all the time. Hee hee! I am down to just two very tight ones in the back as of this morning but let's face it, none would be better!

    Your teeth are soooo beautiful! I am sure you will get used to your profile soon. It looks great to me but I don't know that I had ever seen your before surgery profile shots.

    I think we will still be seeing changes for a while more!