All teeth Day 29 Post OP

Am I all teeth or what?? I went to my Surgeon today, he is allowing me to remove my rubber bands 4 times a day for 2 hours each time, so essentially this is 2 hours on 2 hours off. I'm loving the break. He wants me to be able to open wide enough to swipe my thumbs turned sideways. My jaw isn't so flexible,  It will take practice to stretch it open that far. I was shocked to find stitches still falling out today, thought they were all gone.  Iv'e been sleeping upright propped up since surgery. I forgot to ask him last week if I could go back to my normal fetal position. So today when I asked him he said "your still sleeping upright?" yeah... "You only needed to do that for the first three days.." (followed by belly laugh) He said he was kidding about the 3 days, but found it funny that I was still all propped up like mannequin. In all fairness, I was worried that if I slept on my side, my upper jaw could shift and I would wake up with my front teeth positioned next to my ears... Can't blame a girl for taking the safe route.. He showed me my before pics and was thrilled about my after results, he pointed out my more pronounced cheek bones, and my upper lip isn't flat like pancake face. It was comforting to hear him so giddy about his work, He has maintained the most positive attitude in his office, I just appreciate it so much! Oh and I have permission to blow my nose. I know that sounds gross but come on... how many of you nose blowers take it for granted.. (haa)  First thing I did when I got ahold of a tissue!!

"A favorite quote....
"Though this universe I own I possess not a thing for I cannot know the unknown if to the known I cling"


  1. Hi Tresa! You look great! Beautiful smile! I was only told not to blow for 2 weeks...technically tomorrow, but I admit I have been very lightly blowing. I can't resist! I am still sleeping propped up too but am losing patience with it. Perhaps I will sleep a little less propped today!

  2. Thanks dear one,

    I was so afraid to blow my nose and sleep flat, iv'e been miserable. your surgeon is awesome. I cant see my orthodontist until week 6 Booo. and a month on nose blowing restriction, pardon my expression "BLOWS" feels good to breathe again...