5 steps forward 3 steps back (overall up by 2)... Day 11 post OP

The sea sick ear patch has worked wonders to ease the nausea. If you read previous postings you will see the warning that tells you not to touch your eyes or the pupils will dilated. 3 days ago, I realized that during the night i touched the patch and went strait for the eyes.. So im here 3 days later with pupils the size of hockey pucks. This picture shows the effort required to see. I have on my normal glasses, and on top of that a pair of readers.  What a sight!! I was so frustrated to wake up 3 days later with dilated pupils.  I took the patch off. I wondered if the medicine was leaking though the bandaide and finding its way to my eyes?

30 min. after removing the nausea patch i felt violently ill with the nausea again. (for the love...) so with a sick tummy, I put my last patch on and again it stopped the nausea. GRR...
On a lighter note, I wanted to show the routine for cleaning out the mouth post surgery.  The Dr. should provide a prescription for peridex. Its a mouth rinse that keeps surgical wounds free of bacteria. A baby sponge bob toothbrush is key. I bought an all natural toothpaste. I was scared to swish anything in my mouth let alone stick a toothbrush in it.. any of you who are having surgery, know that it isn't bad, much easier than i imagined. I follow it all up with a waterpick set on the lowest setting. Nothing feels better and a clean post surgical mouth..

Another tip to make your at home recovery simple as pie... I keep this tray on the bed next to me.. On it are all of the items i need. It's been the mother ship for recovering. !!
Day 11,  Not alot of change, still puffy and numb. I can muster a grin, the full on smiles are still painful. 
Thanks again to all who have offered support. 


  1. Wow...Tresa, you are looking FANTASTIC! Thank you for being so detailed in your posts, and being gracious enough to post such candid pics. Not to worry...within the next 3 days or so, your pain will likely stop being "pain", and more like annoying discomfort. The nausea should dissolve, too.

    I've been meaning to ask where you are from?? Your posts usually pop up at odd intervals through the day/night, which leads me to believe there must be a significant time difference between us. And, the way you phrase things makes me giggle a bit. :-)

    Thanks for the tip about the Zoo Pals....I'll be searching for them. Have you tried mashed cauliflower with mashed zucchini?? YUMMY and super-soft. Also, mashed sweet potatoes with a bit of agave nectar is DELISH.

    Happy Healing!

  2. You look adorable. I also have a water pik but assumed I would not be able to use it for a while. Which day were you able to use it?

  3. Cece, Thanks for the encouragement. Its nice to know that things do improve. I am from Utah. I post alot of these late in the eve. I decided to handle the postings with a bit of dry sarcastic humor..The zoo pets did solve a great delima, and have become quite a presence here in our home. Its cute, my kids love choosing which knife i should use next. I will try cauliflower and zucchini sounds delightful. Thanks for your help. (where are you from?)

  4. Brace Faced,
    Im sure you are anxious as your day gets closer!! I used my water pick the 2nd day home. If you put it on the lowest setting and keep it on the teeth you will be fine. (my surgeon told me i could use it,)

  5. I, too, find that sarcasm helps a heap when dealing with jaw-related madness....I'm from Illinois (Chicago suburbs).