24 hours narcotic free and I can SEE!! 18 days post OP

Im narcotic free for 24 hours. I slept last night and have been managing the pain rotating tylenol and ibuprofen. The pain is still a 6 sometimes 7, but im able to handle it. Im still struggling with the nausea, it's getting better but my poor stomach has been abused for 18 days and needs time to recover. After having dilated eyes for 8 days, and needing to wear double glasses, I CAN SEE!! I enjoyed beautiful weather today, and sat in the sun for a bit. My surgeon bragged about a patient who returned to work after 2 weeks, that would be 14 days. Pre surgery I would have boasted that I too would be in the "return to work in 2 weeks club", but now I have to be honest with myself and realize that Im really part of the "old to be having this surgery, club" thankful that I don't have a job to return to. I have considerable numbness, and feel like I'm slow to get back on my feet.. I really need to re-frame this recovery. I know that soon... I will be back to my busy self, running in tight little circles and will look back at my recovery time, I guess I should enjoy the down time, It's not often we have permission to slow down. So if I am hard on myself going forward, remind me that I am committing to myself that i will make the most of this  time to restore total health to my body mind and soul! I am making tremendous progress, to be off the narcotics is a HUGE step and I'll take it as a huge milestone.  

My dear friend Rebecca took me to her chiropractic who specializes in Quantum Neurology. I don't know how to explain exactly what he does, but essentially he is working with the Vegas nerves and Trigeminal nerves in the face to restore feeling. There is no bone adjustment its gentle touch point therapy he also uses homeopathics. At this stage, Im willing to try anything that may help. Today, his office called and they delivered this medlight pain therapy device.  It's NASA developed technology that relieves pain without drugs. I've been using it today and have to say that it is helping. I feel like the sensation in my lips is starting to slowly get better. I actually formed a seal around a straw today and managed to suck the gingerale! Another milestone. Smiling is still painful and talking too much hurts, but  hey it is improving. I would call Day 18 a success.. I have many things to be grateful for. Thanks to all who follow my progress and hold such powerful healing space as I recover!! 


  1. You are doing great and look great too. We're pretty strong going through this, you know! We'll get there. I am also a super healthy whole foods shopper so I know I will already be stealing your sweet.potato recipe! Yum, I can't wait! I've ditched the ensure shakes. They are awful. Been on organic chicken broth and odwalla and naked smoothies. I have some soy protein powder but haven't busted it open yet.

  2. Yes Yes, Only the warrior goddesses survive a broken face that gets screwed back together again!! I never could do the ensure, my Dr. recommended it but Yuck!! I did try the carnation instant breakfast drink with "so delicious" coconut milk. I used it to chase the liquid pain meds, they are soo gross. We found a pea protein powder that helped add bulk to the liquid diet those first few days. You should be able to have the soft food after a week. I also have had every flavor of odwalla. You seem to be in good spirits!! Hope you have a good night and progress tomorrow.