2 weeks behind me.. my family piled in bed with me! 2 weeks post OP

I received the best Mothers Day present... John flew my oldest daughter in from California . She came to help this week while John goes out of town. I cried when she came into my room to serve me lunch!!  She has been such an amazing support and
concerned daughter.. Im a blessed Mom!!
My family all climbed in bed with me to watch a movie. They have all been so great to help whenever there is a need!! John was supposed to give me pain meds in the middle of the night. He fell asleep without an alarm. I woke up in pain and realized he was MIA.. I rang my bell and my little 8 year old Sydnie jumped out of bed and ran into my room to see if I was ok. She was able to get John. What a little sweetie to be so dialed in to her Mom...
At 2 weeks post OP, I still have all of the numbness and related pain. I gave into the nausea yesterday. My biggest battle has been tolerating the pain meds. There has been so much drama between being nauseous and having dilated eyes from the sea sick patch. Ive had to choose hockey puck pupils, until I can taper off pain meds. Its the only thing that keeps me from being sooo sick.. I graduated from turkey baster to this water bottle. I ordered it with the zip n squeeze bags. Its great because you can squeeze contents into your mouth. Sucking through a straw is nearly impossible with so much numbness around my mouth. I would get at least 2 one for water and the other for smoothies, shakes etc. www.craniorehab.com/nutrisqueeze-pouches.html
I will see my surgeon tomorrow and will give a full report.  Wishing all of you having this surgery this week the best of luck! 


  1. You've got a great supportive family! Wish you were feeling better. I pray my recovery goes more smoothly. We'll see! I'll be insurgery this time tomorrow! :p

  2. What a sweet Mother's Day photo! I'd say that's a keeper! I'm thinking this week is going to be way better! Have you thought of changing to Ultram? It would have to be crushed, but it shouldn't make you nauseated. It's a really good med.

    I am dressed and off to the hospital in 20 minutes. Still feeling calm and ready.


  3. I'm happy to hear of the love & support around you and that you are recovering. After my jaw surgery, I went through so much vertigo, nauseau and dizzines that I was chasing my three year old (by baby was 10 months) around on my hands & knees as I couldn't stand up. It turned out I had formed a blood clot in my left ear that burst and damaged the ear drum. They told me forming blood clots in the ear was quite common after jaw surgery. I don't know how your surgery was done, my incision was right below the ears. I just thought it was worth mentioning to you...I'm sending lots of love, light & healing. <3 Beci

  4. Thank you Beci, I will address that with the Dr. I to have been dizzy! I don't know how you did it with such young babies.. WOW!

    Good luck to both of you having surgery, I will pray for your speedy recovery. I don't regret doing this!! xoxo

  5. Tre I am so glad you have this blog so I can see how you are doing! I've been asking everyone about you but haven't wanted to bother you with a visit because I know how much pain you've been in, plus struggling with the nausea. I just want you to know that we are praying for you and that we love you. I'm so glad Ashlee is there to help take care of you! Maybe this next week I'll chance a visit. Hope this week is better for you! Love you!!!!!

  6. Your family is beautiful :) That's so awesome to hear how supportive they have all been of you!