The Skull Demonstration

I am such a curious one...At the risk of being totally freaked out, I want to know every detail of 
my surgery. This first skull shows the cut made in the upper maxillary jaw bone. It's the part that i find most disturbing but I asked.... (crap, crap, crap)!! Oh and he promised to do an altar stitch under the nose so that the 4mm advancement doesn't widen my nose. 

Then under all of the flesh on my face, this is the hardware that will hold my upper head together. A constant companion forever these little chain link metal cuties.

This shows the cut in the lower jaw, they will actually remove bone on the left side to push the jaw back. And all held together with 2 little screws. 

I decided to document my entire process to the best of my ability. DISCLOSURE.....I had to commit to myself that I would show the ugly pictures, swelling, bruising, no makeup, hair a mess, you get my drift. So my first not-so-cute photo.  The white bits are the dental mold goopy stuff. This was my pre-surgical appointment where they make molds and surgical plates, get exact measurements of my crooked face and lay out the blue prints of my reconstruction.(the surgeon let me know that I have a BIG mouth, literally he had to use one of the bigger bite plates.) I thank you in advance for loving me despite myself, as i give an honest look inside my process...


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