The Jaw Bra and other handy devices... Day 2 post op..

Fellow jaw surgery patients. #1 must have in the suit case is the eye patch and earplugs. I managed to sleep through the beeps and whistles and interruptions. I was not aware that this photo had been taken. And a conversation about the Jaw Bra. When I first heard of it I figured it was named "jaw bra" because it rhymes. (dorky) OH how wrong was I.... MY CHEEKS HAVE GROWN 2 CUP SIZES Im certain Im sporting a DD cheek rack!  This device keeps the cheeks nice and cool with ice packs. I would consider ordering the one on line because it comes with gel packs.. I did not and am rotating crushed ice It gets leaky.  Finding independent  gel packs has not been successful. I substituted gel packs with the Bath and bodyworks gel eye patch. Pop those babies in the freezer and they fit like a dream in my Wonder jaw bra. They cost $5.00 but dont stay frozen for long So buy several .. I have hot cheeks just now. I could melt an igloo from afar im sure..
My puree's are no good to me.. Not yet anyway. My teeth are secured with rubber bands and so there is no opening of the mouth. In addition, My face is numb and getting anything but liquid in would be a demonstration of the law of gravity. So hopefully to my upcoming jaw surgery friends, This turkey baster syringe is a pure dream. My diet for at least the next week it total liquid. Vegetable broth.. Odowalla super food fruit drinks (the liquidy ones) and the best of all.... (see next photo)

My dear fried Vali brought me this little jug of VITA CoCo Pure Coconut water. Ingredients.. Coconut water and Vitamin C. Proven to provide more electrolytes than leading sports drinks, and more potassium than 2 bananas. Dont tell the monkeys.. Potassium keeps the body properly hydrated and keeps the body from cramping. (say's so on the box) This stuff is delish and is available by the case at Costco. I encourage all to try even if you are not a surgery patient..

A puffy face and hungry tummy needs a Starbucks. Nothing like a it delivered in a turkey baster.. Seriously though this little rubber hose slides along the cheek and delivers liquid goodness .. If your having this surgery make sure you snag 2 of them.. One for eating and one for Meds.. all of your pain meds and antibiotics are liquid and taste horrible, you would not want to cross contaminate pain killers with coconut water/

My room had a great view of the SLC valley.. I fell asleep to the rain and awoke to the snow. By the time I left to go home, It was melted off...

Heading home with my Jaw Bra.. Flowers from the Surgeon and office staff and the turkey baster in my suitcase.. I hurt more to day especially right now... The IV painkiller are so much stronger than the stuff they send you home with, and night always seems to be a bit worse. My face feels like a cement pad. It's very tight, numb and sore. I hear day 3 can be the worst so I pray that there is sweet relief... I can feel my heart beating in my red hot cheeks...Bum bum thump thump.... OUCHY...  Stay tuned for progress tomorrow. And again 1 million thank you's to all who have followed my blog sent messages on face book, called, visited. I feel such sweet support from across the globe. One great reason to find grace in the internet. we are all connected.... 


  1. Awesome! Even beneath the swelling, I can see a BIG change in your lower jaw profile. I'm excited for you! As soon as you feel up to it, PLEASE, PLEASE post pics of your bite (if you can manage to stretch your mouth wide enough to show your teeth, without obscene amounts of pain). I LOVE to see how teeth fit together like a little jigsaw after surgery.

    Best wishes on a speedy healing! If you have any questions/concerns about recovery (and you don't want to ask your doctor), please don't hesitate to leave me a message.

  2. You look great so far! You seem like you are in good spirits too!

    Great ideas on the eye patch, ear plugs, and also the coconut water! I am adding all three to my list! :-)