Her Mix Alot....Me and my Vita Mix Besties forever

Meet my best friend " Her Mix Alot"... She's a real viking goddess.. Spent the day making soups and puree's with extra healthy boost's like Maca, Hemp Protien, Super greens, Probiotics.......

My surgeon told me to buy alot of Ensure.. now now.....do I look like an Ensure girl? "Never!" I took matters into my own hands and created delicious and healthy puree's!! 

My soups and smoothies in the handy nutri-squeeze bags, invented for jaw surgery patients. Brilliant? YES!! A must have item if you are preparing for orthognathic surgery..  


  1. Carolyn24.4.11

    Tresa, just finished reading all of your posts! You are wonderful and I love your courage and despair and frustration and hope! I think others who find this blog will feel the same! Here to support your healing.

  2. Thank you Carolyn, I am trying to present a very honest documentary of this process. I found so much help in reading about others who have journeyed down this same road, I hope to pay that forward. Thank you for your support! I feel so sweetly held.