Going down the rabbit hole... Day 1 post op

When Alice  (in alice and wonderland) fell down the rabbit hole, she partook of a magic potion that caused her to shrink. At that point  she was sitting in a puddle of fabric.... I fell down that same rabbit hole when the nurse gave me my hospital gown/pants. My body is standing in this one leg. When I asked for a smaller size she kindly informed that the xxl was the smallest size.

Now these are some big pants to fill!!

on the gurney going to the "Pod" where I will meet my Surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Last day in my life that my jaw will have the under/cross bite

Meet Dr. Egbert. he is reviewing my surgical molds and informed that he will not need to split the upper  maxillary jaw just do the Lefort 1 advancement. This means that I will not have to come out of surgery with a bite plate! YAY..

Heading to the OR the man in the suit is my brother in law who by profession is a Mortician. Don't think I will be needing his services today but nice to have him there anyway...

Just out of surgery waking up was misserable. My body itched from the inside out. I think a reaction to pain meds. I was struggling to breathe due to the congestion but cleared that out and felt much better. My face felt like a block of cement. Very tight, stiff and strained.

This breathing device was a dream. It blew much needed oxygen at cryo temps. nice and cold to help with the swelling. I wasn't a fan at fist but learned to love the relief this offered.
Surgeon said that my surgery was a tremendous success. I lost a very small amount of blood compared to the norm. I was drugged and loopy but it was something like 120cc instead of the normal 300cc. He finished in 1hour 20 min. remarkable that I was out for such a short duration. Really great Dr.

A visit from my cute "Littles" Sydnie and Connor. It was so nice to see them so that they could know that I was ok. 

A family photo.. Sydnie brought my Venus of Willendorf statue for good luck.
Thank you to all who held prayers, lit candles, had thoughts, did despachos, I felt so sweetly supported by all who were present to offer support. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be surrounded by a community spanning the globe. I know that my day was such a success due to the miracle of joining together for healing. Thank you, Aho...


  1. Wow! You are officially on the other side. Congrats! Can't wait to see post-op pics and all the lovely "after" pics. Be Well!

  2. thank you for the support and wish you well as you take this on again..

  3. Check in Huascar....Seeing you healed and as radiant as ever!

  4. I'm so grateful it was a success ~ it is officially the first day of the rest of your life without jaw problems. Believe me, it will change your life in such a wonderful way! Love you, Tresa....Beci <3