Gods angels are found in Dr. offices

Meet Barbara...
It was that gloomy shell shocking monday when I found myself on the phone, scheduling appointments with recommended oral surgeons. I realized right away that getting a "quick" appointment as a brand new patient, was not to be expected. I couldn't wait a month to see them, I needed to get my surgery back on track and in this case patience was not my virtue! I managed to finagle my way into one surgeons office that week the other surgeon in  2 weeks. Then I called Dr. Egberts office. I could hear her typing away on the computer scanning for an opening, I knew it wasn't looking good. She was muttering the expected 1 to 2 month wait. Tears were on the surface all day for me, so it didn't take much to  catapult me into a full on sob. Through sniffles and defeat, I gave her as much of my background as I could in cliff note format.
I knew she heard and felt the despair on the other end of her line. She took a long pause and said "well... if you can be flexible, I can squeeze you in on Friday. The Dr. doesn't see new patients that day, but i will squeeze you in. And I will mark your file as RUSH!!" This brought on a full throttle belly cry, muttering gratitudes through sobs and sniffles. (it was the ugly sob)

Friday came so very quickly and I had already visited with 2 other surgeons.  They were good but had discouragement in their tone regarding my insurance. They told me to expect rejections, and appeals and possibly months of a pre-authorization process.  Months I didn't have.  As i was sitting in the chair waiting to see my 3rd surgeon, a bright energetic man extended his hand and asked me to smile. He said "I can fix that...and I'm the best there is" he then said, "how did you manage to get an appointment with me today?" I told him that I cried. He said "no more tears we will take care of you" I said what about insurance, he said "Barbara is the best, have no worries."  and then a hawk flew by his window, my sign that I was sitting in the right chair at the right time in the right hands... (this is how my prayers are answered)

I spoke with Barbara and she had scheduled my surgery date on the monday that I called sobbing. She had already prepared my file and assured me that everything would be fine. She said that she gets things approved all the time. She told me to expect a 2 week wait to hear back (not 2 months). It was time for me to surrender, I had done all that I could and had to let her take over. I had to mentally re-adjust this new timeline, re-calibrate my expectations. I resisted the urge to call every day to micro-manage the process, I only caved in one time to see how things were going and Barbara had everything submitted and was in the process of getting this thing approved.

You all know the ending as I shared in the previous post, but let it be said that Barbara and the entire office staff at Dr. Egberts office held a positive attitude from the first phone call. Barbara has developed relationships with the insurance company and I swear it was approved so quickly because it was HER handling the case. I want to acknowledge and praise her loyalty and genuine service in her work. She put the fears under my feet from the first day, instead of on my head (like other offices).  What a true blessing this sweet woman is. I am now not paying 60,000 or even 30,000 for my surgery, My insurance is taking care of it all. And I am in such good hands with a surgeon who not only handles the lions share of these surgeries in SLC but makes smaller incisions and can do the surgery in half the time. MIRACLES YES... Expect them every day...

Deepest love to Barbara and staff... You are an angel that God put in a Dr.s office...


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