Buyers Remorse day 3 post op

If Hell had a but-crack  I just spent a day in it.  In all of the ruckus coming home and settling in, I was missing my ibuprofen doses, which act as an anti-inflammatory and also assist in managing the breakthrough pain between doses.  I was really struggling with nausea.  The pure fear of throwing up, sent my stress levels off the Richter scale. Not a pretty situation when the mouth is banded shut. I learned that a little bit of broth or fruit smoothie of some kind is critical before medicating. I was given a liquid nausea med that helped .( Just an FYI... to fellow jaw patients, always have a second turkey baster feeder full of water to chase down the nasty liquid meds.)

Swelling in the face is worse today, and in addition to feeling like my head is a cinderblock, the words that first come to mind are "Goodness gracious great balls of FIRE! " Im taking the chill out of an ice pack in under an hour.  

I rinsed with perodix a mouth wash to keep everything clean, and then used my water pick on the lowest setting to rinse out. 

Final thoughts.. Make sure you have someone that can help throughout the night, managing your meds and bringing fresh ice packs.   You should not be left to your own devices at night. I thank my team of help and support!   I slept away most of day 3, just hanging in there. I anticipate that there is a corner just up ahead waiting to be turned!! 

ps. disclaimer... all comments are under the influence of painkillers. please excuse grammatical and typing errors..


  1. Hang in there, Tresa! I hear day 5 is the mile marker you are seeking. You're almost there. Hope I am as strong as you when my time comes in 2 weeks.

  2. ahhhhh momma i love you hang in there there is light at the end of the tunnel :)