Abyss days 4 and 5 post op

There was no separation of time between days 4 and 5. They ran together as one long drawn out period of time. The nausea became so profound that I could not take any oral medicine, at the risk of throwing up. With a mouth bound shut by rubber bands, this was a line in the sand i was not willing to cross.  With out the constant dosing of meds, the pain got worse and worse.  The Dr. changed from hydrocodone to Demoral and at a last attempt tylenol with codine. I was in a downward tailspin, pain off the charts and nausea knocking at the door I was feeling defeated.  A brilliant course of events caused an A-HA! moment. My friend Rebecca had 1 prescription nausea patch leftover from a cruise. We slapped that behind my ear and in a short time, the nausea was at bay..... This allowed me to play catchup with pain med. By late that night, I was feeling relief. We also found that the carnation instant breakfast drink mixed with coconut milk and hemp protein powder, coated my stomach enough to tolerate meds. From this point we were able to establish a plan.. I spent alot of these 2 days checked out. The only relief was found when asleep.

I have been sitting deep in the shadows, hanging on in total surrender knowing time and time alone will advance this healing journey. I feel like I have been residing outside of time in a swirl and whirl that has forced me to deep within....

I see the dim light ahead and hope that this is the hump, the worst part almost over..

 This is how my face feels.....

This is how my face looks day 5.  I will post more close ups and show the bite in the next couple of days..

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  1. Oh, dear! I'm glad you are experiencing some relief, however small. I am SO going to be asking for the nausea patch! MY nausea is HORRIBLE after any procedure involving anesthestia. I can definitely empathize with you. I hope these next couple of days will be much more pleasant. I found that sleeping aided my recovery quite well. Just a little reminder...most people "turn the corner" right at about Day 7. HANG IN THERE!!! You are SO close!