Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results."

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Time to do something different! The jaw is about to undergo a big break. Looking down the saw blade of an upper and lower skull shift. This blog is to keep a journal and update those of you who may have an interest. My name is Tresa Martindale. I was born with a 3rd degree cross bite and under bite that was not corrected during my younger years. Im one of the lucky ones who was able to hide this skeletal deformity, not very obvious if you are not an oral surgeon. (albeit, over the years i was handed a business card or two in random places by surgeons who could "Fix" my jaw) 7 years ago, I was suffering jaw pain and consulted with a TMJ specialist. His evaluation yielded these comments:  "Honey, you need jaw surgery" and here is his rundown:
1- Braces for at least 1 year maybe 18 months.
2- Oral surgery, break the lower jaw, adjust alignment, hold together with plates and screws.
3-Chiropractic care following surgery to help re align the spine after years of compensation.
4-Massage to help muscles develop new position and memory. (OK.. this one sounds like a dream medical massage!! LOVE IT)
5-Total treatment time up to 2.5 years
6- Cost, not covered by insurance, (may have to mortgage house)
My response to his diagnosis and treatment...NO THANKS!
Seriously, I had 2 small children and no desire to undertake such a brutal routine, who does this?? Well fast forward 5 years. Im sitting down for a bowl of cereal and I feel a weird tightness in my right jaw. And then like a bolt of lightning, the pain pierced my head almost throwing me to the ground. My mouth was stuck shut. I had clicking and popping and minor pain that was a constant companion, but this... Nooo!!! This condition did not improve. I had to alter my diet and could not open my mouth more than 1 finger width. I was so afraid to go to a Dr. I didn't want to hear this insane news again. I was sure it would get better. After about 8 months, I decided to consult with an oral surgeon in SanDiego. He is Johns client and friend and I knew he would give it to me strait. He did his series of ex-rays and tests and
repeated those distant words from the past. "Braces, surgery, spinal adjustment blah blah blah" He informed me that my jaw joint was wearing down. The compensation from a severe misalignment was degenerating this joint and without intervention would continue to break down. There is no Jaw Joint repair, just a lifetime of chronic pain. He told me that I was still young enough to enjoy health and benefit from this procedure.

So here I am, 2 weeks away from oral jaw surgery. Ive been in braces 1 year, my bite is worse than ever! I think maybe 2 teeth make contact in my entire mouth. So the count down begins. This will be my journal of this process. Ive read several other blogs from those going through the same procedure and found it very helpful. So enjoy the updates and pictures.

Its gonna be a real JAW BREAKER!!!

Me in my super high fashion"Ice Bracket (clear) braces" you can notice how my jaw shoots to the right. If your saying "yeah right" just keep on scrolling down you will see a close up of the situation.

Have you ever felt like Rudolph?

This was my favorite show as a child. I loved watching rudolph learn to appreciate his differences as a gift and realize that he was a hero! Where is the hero hiding in you??